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If you are looking to improve your badminton skills and techniques, this website is for you. Most recreational players like myself do not have the time and money for professional badminton training. However, I believe that as your badminton skills advances, your enjoyment of the game of badminton increases as well. That is why I have built this free badminton training website, so that everyone around the world can learn and play more badminton. Check out this jump smash training video by former world champion, Peter Rasmussen. But first, don't forget to bookmark or share these badminton skills with your friends.

Video Caption: How to execute the perfect jump smash by former world champion, Peter Rasmussen.
Video Source: This video tutorial is part of Peter Rasmussen's DVD/Online training series:
The Essentials of Badminton Technique available at Badminton Life.

Now, let's meet the rest of the badminton coaches...

Zhao Jianhua

Zhao Jianhua Badminton Training Coach Zhao Jianhua, nicknamed the Badminton King, is the former 1991 World Champion. Competed in Men's Single, Zhao Jianhua was deemed one of the most talented players of his time. Teaming up with Coach Xiao Jie (right), the Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie television series is one of the best produced badminton training series to date. Coach Zhao Jianhua has a great sense of humor and a mean backhand.

Xiao Jie

Xiao Jie Badminton Training Coach Xiao Jie, nicknamed the Badminton Professor, is an actual professor teaching at the Capital Institute of Physical Education university in Beijing, China. With a Master of Education degree from the University of Maryland (United States), Xiao Jie has taught the sport of badminton all over the world. Xiao Jie was also on the first Chinese national women's badminton team. Coach Xiao Jie has an amazing ability of being able to break down the technical aspects of any badminton skill or technique.

Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua Badminton Training Coach Chen Weihua was a former coach of the popular world and olympic champion, Lin Dan. With the China PLA National Badminton Team, Chen Weihua created a comprehensive 55-episode badminton training video series. Each Chen Weihua Badminton Training video focuses on the detailed mechanics of one badminton skill, so it is ideal for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players who wants to learn or refine their badminton techniques.

Peter Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen Badminton Training Coach Peter Rasmussen was the 1997 Badminton World Champion in Men's Single. He was always very goal-oriented and structured; keeping a detailed training diary. Peter used many deceptive strokes and was very good at the net. When Peter was very young, he hired a Chinese coach. Hence, he has been called "the white Chinese" due to his Chinese-inspired style of hop smashes and powerful footwork. Peter Rasmussen was one of the most talented players coming from Denmark, yet he is very modest.


Badminton Drop Shot Skill

Drop Shot Badminton Skill The badminton drop shot is an offensive badminton skill. Its purpose is to pull the opponent to the front corners of the court, opening up a large area of their court for consequent attack. A high quality drop shot is difficult to return and has the potential of winning the play.

There are two types of badminton drop shots; a slow drop shot and a fast drop shot. The main differences between the two are speed, as the names indicate, and placement. A slow drop shot lands close to the net, while the fast drop shot lands farther from the net.

Badminton beginners and those who have not been properly instructed may not be aware of the fast drop technique. Most simply think that to hit a drop shot is to hit the shuttle as close to the opponent's net as possible, which translates to hitting the shuttle softly. However, by hitting the shuttle softly, the slow flight of the shuttle gives the opponent time to reach the shuttle making the shot mostly ineffective.

The proper technique for hitting a badminton drop shot involves the face of the racket slicing the head of the shuttle. One can slice the shuttle in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion to either straight or crosscourt. This slicing motion allows for deceptive placements of the shuttle, because the shuttle does not necessarily fly towards the direction of the swing, it's a bit harder for the opponent to predict.

Drop Shot Badminton Training
LevelCoach Video
Beginner Chen Weihua Forehand Badminton Drop Shot - How to slice shuttle clockwise.
Smooth Badminton Drop Shot - How to slice shuttle counter-clockwise.
Intermediate Zhao Jianhua Forehand Badminton Drop Shot - Power and speed.
Forehand Badminton Drop Shot - Drop shot for shorter players.
Smooth Badminton Drop Shot - Grip, deceptive elements & contact point.
Xiao Jie Forehand Badminton Drop Shot - How much power to use. Swing refinement.
Smooth Badminton Drop Shot - Fast smooth drop shot.
Advanced Zhao Jianhua Zhao Jianhua showing unorthodox backhand badminton grip. Backhand Badminton Drop Shot
Coach Zhao Jianhua shows us an unorthodox backhand grip that makes it easier to return a shuttle that has already flew passed our body.
Chen Weihua Backhand Badminton Drop Shot - Grip, footwork, & swing.

Badminton Clear Shot Skill

Difference between offensive and defensive badminton high clear skills The purpose of the badminton high clear is to push the opponent into the backcourt opening up their frontcourt for attack. There are two types of high clear shots; the Long High Clear and the Flat High Clear.

The Long High Clear is a defensive badminton shot. Its purpose is to create time for yourself while under pressure allowing you to return to base position for the next shot. Much like the tennis lob, the flight path of the badminton shuttle is high and as deep into the opponent's backcourt as possible. The contact point for hitting the badminton shuttle is directly above your head.

The Flat High Clear is an offensive badminton shot. Its purpose is to put your opponent under pressure in the backcourt. The flight path of the badminton shuttle is flat and fast. If your opponent is not able reach the badminton shuttle in time, their return shot will be less effective and thus vulnerable for attack. The contact point for hitting the badminton shuttle is directly above your head and about 10cm to 20cm forward.

Clear Shot Badminton Training
LevelCoach Video
Beginner Chen Weihua Badminton High Clear Basics - Basic footwork, swing, & contact point.
Long vs Flat Badminton High Clear - Difference between the 2 techniques.
Intermediate Zhao Jianhua Forehand Badminton Clear - How to focus power.
Xiao Jie Forehand Badminton Clear - How to improve your swing.
Advanced Chen Weihua Backhand Badminton Clear - Grip, footwork, & swing.
Zhao Jianhua Forehand & Backhand Badminton Clear - Grip, contact point, & footwork.

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