Badminton Smooth Drop

Chen Weihua Badminton Training - Episode 10 (Mandarin with English Subtitles)
Hosted by Coach Chen Weihua, coach of world champions

In this intermediate badminton training video, Coach Chen Weihua goes over the smooth drop shot technique. The smooth drop shot and the forehand drop shot has a similar swing and contact point. The main difference between the smooth drop and the forehand drop is final wrist rotation. On a forehand drop shot, the wrist leads the racket in a clockwise motion slicing downwards, while on the smooth drop, the motion is counter-clockwise. Another difference between the forehand and smooth drop is that there is more space when holding the racket. Basically, only 3 fingers are used; the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, to generate power and control the shuttle.
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prabu on Apr 29, 2012 says ...
the video was so usefull,i like to know how to take a smash and return.

Johnny@BadmintonConnect on Dec 29, 2010 says ...
I was actually not aware of this dropping technique. My drop shots are not very effective. Time to try this out!

enrico cardona on Jan 03, 2011 says ...
very helpful video for a beginner like me.

mohamed azarudeen on Jan 24, 2014 says ...
Badminton is a very good.

Ng Hock-sin on Jul 02, 2013 says ...
Pls email me badminton technic, wrist work, deceptive and jumping smash step-by-step videos.

swann on Jul 27, 2011 says ...
gr8 videos

Trung Hieu on Jun 01, 2012 says ...
Its great. If you have a lot of video like that, they helpful for anyone like badminton but do not time to training.

Jerin on May 03, 2012 says ...
Like u

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