Badminton Backhand Smash | Backhand Clear | Backhand Drop

Chen Weihua Badminton Training - Episode 13 (Mandarin with English Subtitles)
Hosted by Coach Chen Weihua, coach of world champions

In this advanced badminton training video, Coach Chen Weihua goes over the backhand clear, backhand drop shot, and backhand smash techniques.
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SEYED NADER MOUSAVINEZHAD on Aug 15, 2011 says ...
thanks for you.

rafael gonzalez mendez on Dec 10, 2017 says ...
I can not see your videos Do I need to download another program ? I a trying with Chrome and explore and is impossible I am fro eurpe Spain

nagarajan.g on Dec 13, 2013 says ...
i like backhand tips so very much shares with my friends

jegan on Mar 05, 2015 says ...

DR. MOHD. JAWAD on May 18, 2013 says ...
exercises for arms & wrists for badminton

ranjan on Oct 24, 2011 says ...
like this

karunakarangavaskar on Sep 09, 2012 says ...
Coach is very useful to us. Pls show us doubles footwork, drills, movements coaching videos for us. Thank u.

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