Badminton Forehand Long Serve

Chen Weihua Badminton Training - Episode 3 (Mandarin with English Subtitles)
Hosted by Coach Chen Weihua, coach of world champions

In this beginner badminton training video, Coach Chen Weihua goes over the forehand long serve technique. Serving is one of the most important basic skill. Having a good serve allows you to control the badminton game, giving yourself opportunities to attack and score.
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nikunj on Feb 17, 2011 says ...
i like badminton games...i everyday play this game...but i play basic training..i hope my badminton improve require this are taring me..

Prabath Udaya Priyalal on Jan 19, 2012 says ...
I am one of basic level coucher in Sri Lanka. I have been teaching basic training for the players whom going colleges. I hope to improve my knowledge more to train them.

Dani on May 10, 2013 says ...

aditya rak on Sep 14, 2016 says ...
I am new iwant to learning

reuben on Sep 18, 2012 says ...

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