Badminton Doubles Strategies for Attacking

Chen Weihua Badminton Training - Episode 51 (Mandarin with English Subtitles)
Hosted by Coach Chen Weihua, coach of world champions

In this intermediate/advanced badminton doubles video, Coach Chen Weihua shows basic badminton doubles strategies for attacking. A well coordinated offensive attack can create a lot of pressure for the opposing team leading to winning badminton doubles plays. A common confusion on how to play badminton doubles is figuring out which player plays the forecourt and which player plays the backcourt. There is no fixed rule on this, but generally speaking, the backcourt doubles player is usually the taller of the two. A taller player has the advantage of hitting a steeper badminton smash which, of course, is more threatening. Hence, the backcourt doubles player usually possesses stronger attacking abilities.

Inversely, the forecourt badminton doubles player is the shorter of the two as height is not as important near the net. Having a taller player in the front may actually obstruct the partner's view. A good forecourt doubles player creates attacking opportunities for their partner. Therefore, they must have a good sense of shuttle control and a solid mastery of badminton basics.

One of the basic tactics in badminton doubles is to strategically rotate the weaker opponent to the backcourt and the stronger opponent to the forecourt. This strategy essentially plays on the opponent's weaknesses. To counter, the opponent must find ways to rotate back to their strong formation. Therefore, in badminton doubles play, you must use your team's strengths and weaknesses to adapt to the changes on the court and strategize ways to defeat your opponents.

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muhammad azri on Jun 03, 2011 says ...
thank you for this training for doubles players...please!!!!!

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