Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie

Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie Badminton Training - Episode 1 (Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles)
Hosted by Former Badminton World Champion Zhao Jianhua & Badminton Coach Xiao Jie

Backcourt Badminton High Position Shot

Guest Zhang Yang's Weakness:
When opponent hits a clear shot to the corner backcourt (Position A), Yang has a tendency of hitting the shuttle at a low position. Coach Xiao Jie points out that there were opportunities for Yang to hit the shuttle at a high position. Hitting the shuttle at a high position would enable Yang to make offensive shots such as smashes or drops.

Coach Xiao Jie's Solution:
Coach Xiao Jie suggests improving Yang's footwork by reducing the number of steps required to reach the corner backcourt. Before, Yang was turning toward the corner and taking two steps to reach the shuttle. That was time consuming and left him with no choice but to hit the shuttle at a low point. Xiao Jie instructs him to not make the turn, but rather, take a small side step toward the rear corner and then jumping to intercept the shuttle.

Generating Power on a Frontcourt Backhand Shot

Guest Zhang Yang's Weakness:
On a frontcourt backhand shot (Position B), Yang lacks the technique for generating power. The shuttle travels slowly and does not reach far enough into the opponent's backcourt.

Coach Xiao Jie's Solution:
Yang is not holding the racket correctly, therefore, trying to generate power from his arm and wrist. Coach Xiao Jie corrects the way Yang grips the racket and shows him that power should be generated from the fingers and a small twist or supination of the forearm. The motion is analogous to turning a faucet on (for a right hander). To practice the motion and loosen up the wrists, Xiao Jie suggests drawing figure 8s with a large bottle.

Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie Discusses Tips on Improving Basic Badminton Techniques

Practice Tips

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Karol on Apr 13, 2016 says ...
Man, that's great :) I need to go and train quickly

Zelo on Aug 25, 2012 says ...
ya..this tutorial works..I am able to hit the shuttles farther now..THX!!~

manikya.a.p on Aug 29, 2012 says ...
I want some tips to improve my skill in badminton & i want to learn how to recieve smash. Please send video of this and and some practice videos to my email.

mr.nal on Dec 02, 2012 says ...
Hi..where can i buy this complete set training video..cause my internet to slow..always buffering..thanks

prasanna on Dec 13, 2012 says ...
Good training. I am beginner in badminton. So please send the complete training video. As I want to learn badminton and this will help me a lot.
Please send me

Romesh sharma on Feb 26, 2013 says ...
please let me download this badminton training episodes.

Josept on Jul 26, 2015 says ...
I am Josept from Myanmar .
I play badminton for 2 years .
I need to learn more about your training videos
I will be very glad if u can send me .

Kesavan radhakrishnan on Jul 29, 2015 says ...
Sir,i am badminton beginners so all training send to my email id:

yogesh on Jun 04, 2011 says ...
please give me tips how i max my stamina

saravanan on Mar 07, 2012 says ...
sir, i want full badminton training videos for women singles player can you send to my mail

shaju on Mar 14, 2012 says ...
its good

noko on May 01, 2012 says ...
yogesh: do a lot of cardio. the reason why your stamina is down is because your heart rate pumps really fast without constant excersising.

Try running at a good pace without stopping. No need to burn yourself out. the longer you do it, the better heart rate you will have. After many days of consistence of running at a good pace without tiring yourself out, you will realize how little pain you feel after playing badminton, or little soreness from your calves.

it is all consistency with your cardio and exercise.

jojo on May 25, 2012 says ...
i like that complete training video im sure it will help me a lot. pls send me. thanks

Bhagwat Yadav on Nov 21, 2011 says ...
it's a great training video
thanks Sir

it's help me lot
and i want complete training video
please send me

mayank on Sep 14, 2011 says ...
Very good training..
it is really helping me and i m hoping this helps me in my matches also...
Thanks for posting the videos...
yogesh: just run as much as you can everyday, do skipping that helps a lot...

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