Badminton Doubles Rotation & Positioning | Defend Near-body Badminton Smashes | How to Cover the Badminton Net

Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie Badminton Training - Episode 26 (Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles)
Hosted by Former Badminton World Champion Zhao Jianhua & Badminton Coach Xiao Jie

In badminton doubles, when you lift the shuttle, your opponents will undoubtedly attack. In this situation, so you must be ready to defend by rotating into side-side formation. Conversely, when an attacking opportunity arises, you and your partner must rotate into front-back formation. If you observe a strong badminton doubles team, you'll notice that they are constantly rotating their positions to adapt to the situation on court. There are two directions of rotation in badminton doubles: clockwise rotation and counter-clockwise rotation. This is a common difficulty for many teams; figuring out which way to rotate without running into each other. In the following training video, Coach Xiao Jie explains clearly how badminton doubles rotation works.

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nice on Mar 28, 2012 says ...
nice dude. chinese.

Shane on Mar 28, 2015 says ...

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