How to Generate Power On a Badminton Backhand Shot at the Net

Tags: Backhand   Beginner   Xiao Jie   Complete Badminton Training  

Our beginner trainee lacks the technique to generate power when hitting a backhand shot near the badminton net. The shuttlecock travels slowly and does not reach far enough into the opponent's backcourt, and therefore, does not pose any threat to the opponent. Our trainee was not holding the racket correctly and was improperly trying to generate power from his arm and wrist. Coach Xiao Jie corrects our trainee's racket grip and shows him that power should be generated from the fingers and a small twist through supination of the forearm. The motion is analogous to turning a faucet on (for a right hander). To practice the motion and loosen up the wrists, coach suggests drawing figure 8's with a large water bottle.

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