Basic Badminton Footwork to Improve Speed

Tags: Footwork   Beginner   Zhao Jianhua   Complete Badminton Training  
Our beginner trainee lacks proper badminton footwork which causes her to be slow on the court. Coach Zhao Jianhua shows her the proper footwork for reaching different spots of the court along with several tips to improve speed:
  • She should stay on the balls of her feet rather than flat-footed; the "bounce" in her steps will help with quickness.
  • On the final step, she should not bend your lead leg more than 90 degrees or have her knee move beyond the toes. Too much stress is placed on the knee beyond 90 degrees, which could lead to injuries.
  • She should not take a large stripe on the final step, because her center of gravity is too forward, so she is slow to recover to neutral position. Instead, she should drag her rear leg towards the lead leg to maintain a well-balanced center of gravity.
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