Badminton Mixed Doubles - How to Rotate into Attack Formation When Returning a Serve

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In this badminton training video, professional badminton coach, Xiao Jie, helps players diagnose their problems in mixed doubles play. The guest players in the video are brother and sister and have been playing mixed doubles for several years. Dispite the years of playing together, they often have problems cooperating and coordinating their plays. After observations, Coach Xiao Jie identified their problem as lacking knowledge in positioning and rotation specific to mixed doubles play.

The pair left the front net area open in most of their plays. For badminton mixed doubles, the female player is responsible for covering the net area, while the male player is responsible for the mid and back courts. That is the basic front-back attacking formation. Coach Xiao Jie can see that the pair left the net area open right from the beginning, which indicated problems in their serve-receive positioning. In mixed doubles badminton, the female player must fight to gain net position, hence allowing her to create attacking opportunities for the male player in the rear court. In the training video, Coach Xiao Jie shows the female player where to position for serve-receive and how to gain net position after the return. She also shows the pair tactics on how to rotate into an attacking formation and eliminate awkward situations where the partner doesn't know where to go or what part of the court to cover.

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