How to Perform a Badminton Drop Shot by Slicing the Shuttle

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In this intermediate badminton training video, Coach Xiao Jie shows key points for executing an effective badminton drop shot:

  • Aim for a high contact point with the shuttle, in order to create the steepest trajectory.
  • Many beginners make the mistake of executing the drop shot by slowing down their swing or using less force in their swing. They think that the shuttle will land closer to the net, hence more threatening to their opponent. While the shuttle may land closer to the net, the speed at which the shuttle travels will be too slow, giving the opponent plenty of time to reach the shuttle.
  • Execute the swing at a fast speed. Perform a counter-clockwise downward slicing motion with the racket. At the moment of contact, slice the head of the shuttle with the face of the racket.

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