Doubles Tactics (4) Badminton Doubles Strategies for Defending

Tags: Defense   Doubles/Mixed Doubles   Intermediate   Advanced   Chen Weihua   Chen Weihua Badminton Training  

In this intermediate/advanced badminton doubles video, Coach Chen Weihua shows basic badminton doubles strategies for defending. With the proper doubles defensive training, you and your partner can form an impenetrable line of defense against your opponents.Using the skills covered before; net shots, block, drive, crosscourt shots, and lifts, your team can recover from a defensive situation and in turn counter-attack.

The following training video demonstrates how the defending team uses crosscourt corner shots to control the attacker in the rear court and not give opportunities to the attacker in the frontcourt.As the rear court attacker makes mistakes or her shot quality deteriorates, the defenders drives forward and transitions into offensive formation.

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